"The Source" Album & "Goodbye Girl" Song. 

I started on “The Source” in the early fall of 2009. I wanted to record the album with a full band and talked to many of my friends about playing on the album but they were not available at the time. Another opinion was for me to hire a band to play the music but at the time I could not afford it. So I decided to start working on the album by myself.

The original idea was to record the album on acoustic guitar, bass, & mandolin using overdubs and that the album was going to be all instrumental. At about this time I got in contact with an old girl friend of mine from High School. I loved her dearly when we were young. I went into the Navy right out of High School. The first time I came home on leave I found out she had a boyfriend. It broke my heart and I wrote the song “Goodbye Girl” but I never had played or sang it for her.

When she & I recently got in contact through email, I updated her about what I was doing and the online marketing I was doing for my music. I sent her a link so that she could hear my music. Most of the music I have done in the past has been instrumental Jazz & Fusion. She told me that she enjoyed the music but asked if I played any Rock and if I ever sing on any of my songs.

I have not sang in years in public. I had spent a large portion of my adult life developing my guitar playing and compositions. At the moment that I read that question I knew I had to record “Goodbye Girl” and that it had to be in the style that I would have played when I wrote the song. So I recorded “Goodbye Girl” that night and sent it to her. She liked it and it gave me some closure on our relationship.

After recording “Goodbye Girl” I felt like I had gone back to the source of my music and I started remembering little riffs and song ideas from back then. I updated those ideas and also wrote some new songs. I was completely inspired to go back to this well inside of me that I had covered over for so long. I have a band now that is playing these songs and covers of Pop/Rock songs that I haven’t played in years and, now I sing at every concert. This music is “The Source” of my musical being. I bare my soul with each song. I hope that you will enjoy the songs on “The Source”!

Peace & happiness,

James Murrell 08/13/2010