1. Shadows
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Recorded August 10, 2021
Brandon Scott Weinert - Vocal & Co-composer, Hal Melia - Piano, Eddie Brookshire - Bass, Ismail Muhammad - Drums, Tom Downs - Rhythm Guitar, and Jamie Murrell - Guitar & Composer.
Recorded & mixed by Ron Pease at Refraze Studios Dayton, Ohio.


When shadows fall down on the earth
And moon shines it’s light on the ground
They move across the walls within
In hopes of being unbound

They know not of the state they’re in
Or why the world passes them by
And if you acknowledge them
They’ll never leave your side

Sometimes I wish I had not this vision
I could live my life in peace
But still they see that I can hear them
And so they still haunt my dreams

Night brings shadows in the mist
Past lives bound to this realm
And so I try to look away
The shadows that haunt my dreams