1. Sunny Sky
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Sunny Sky

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Music and lyrics
James Lloyd Murrell
Larry Halpern
Bass guitar (electric)
Vinnie Marshall
Todd Stropes
Percussion instrument
Christopher Drew Ward
Wesley Benjamin
Guitar (electric)
Jamie Murrell
Singing & vocals
Tamra Payne
Ron Pease
Refraze Studio


It’s sunny
All the birds
In the sky
Are singing a lovely tune
It’s funny
You walk by
The dark clouds part from my view

Your so lovely
That my heart
Jumps for joy
And all the world
Seems so new
So maybe and if you
Want me to
I know I could
Fall for you

Oh can’t you see
That it’s just
You and me
And all the sunny skies turn dark
When I’m without you
Oh baby I can see
The one for you is me
And all the
Grey clouds
In the sky
Turn sunny when
You are near

So honey
Come and take my
Hand tonight
And you could be
By my side
No more lonely
And all the
Grey cloud will
Become clear blue
Sunny skies