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Baby, I Don't Know Why

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Music and lyrics
James Lloyd Murrell
Larry Halpern
Bass guitar (electric)
Vinnie Marshall
Todd Stropes
Percussion instrument
Christopher Drew Ward
Singing & vocals
Brandon Scott Weinert
Hal Melia
Wesley Benjamin
Guitar (electric)
Jamie Murrell
Ron Pease
Refraze Studio


Baby, I don't know why
You cry
Every night over me
Baby, don't you understand
I'm your man
And that's the way it should be

'Cause deep in the night
When I'm holdin' you tight
It all seems like a dream
I lose control
And I just don't know
How I'm supposed to be

But I know
I love you
Yes I do

I can't explain
How this feeling
Inside me remains
But you touched my heart
And lift me
Out from the dark

And now
I love you
Yes I do

I don't know
If you can see
It in me

But I know
I love you
Yes I do
I love you
Yes I do
Love you