I miss records. Those big 10 inch pieces of vinyl that we would put it on turntables and the needle would spin around the groove. I miss the aroma of when you would take the plastic off the cover and open it up and there would be these giant pictures of the artist. Sometimes the pictures were of the recording sessions for the album or of the band playing live. Other times the pictures were just shots of the band that were taken in photography studios to promote the artist.

There was always an inner sleeve to protect the vinyl and on the inner sleeve was printed the lyrics to the songs and information about who produced & recorded the album. There usually were thank you notes to people who helped the artist with the album. There was also information about where and when the recordings were done.

I would read this information on my records as a child and I would fantasize about what it would like to be in those places and to record my own album. I even went as far is planing a double record. One of the records would be called "Castle Of Dreams" and the second album would be called "Palace Of Love". It would be a concept album and it would recorded at Abby Road Studios in England with producer Sir George Martin or with the great American producer Phil Ramone In some fancy upscale recording studio in New York.

The first record I ever owned was produced by Phil Ramone. It was called "Songs In The Attic" by Billy Joel. It was a live recording of songs that were minor hits for Billy Joel in the 1970's. I believe that the album was released in 1981. I got the record for Christmas that year and I remember seeing TV commercials for the album. There were pictures of Billy Joel throughout his entire musical career and also the lyrics to the songs and where they were recorded. Now I have that album in my iTunes and on CD. It's not as cool as having that big record with the cover and the giant pictures.

Maybe someday I will be able to make my fantasy double album "Castle Of Dreams", "Palace Of Love" & I will be able to have it printed up on vinyl with a huge cover and have giant pictures on it. Until then I will just make do with tiny picture icons and 4 x 5 CD covers.


James Murrell