Winter Nights 

Winter Nights

I wrote Winter Nights the winter of 2003 during the holiday season. I was thinking about the soldiers in Iraq and what their families might be going through. I teach in a area where there are a lot of military families and a lot of my students have parents that have done tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. It is very hard on these kids. I pray for them and hope that their family members will return safely.

I wrote the introduction, then the melody and chords just poured out of me instantly. The song took about 10 minutes to write. I recorded the song two times. Both versions are very good. I also have an arrangement of Winter Nights for solo guitar. I plan to record this arrangement in the near future.

Here is the original lyric I had in mind for Winter Nights:

Snow so white
Christmas lights
A winter night so clear

Snow falls down
Not a sound
How I wish you were here

And all I want
For Christmas this year
Is to hold you in my arms once again

To feel your heart beat
As you lay next to me
And know that our love will never end

To see your face
In the morning sun
And to hold you
Till the morning comes

All I want
For Christmas this year
Is for you to come home
And love me once again